Sr# Name Files
1 Mechanical Bar Screen pdf-icons
2 Screening Conveying Equipments pdf-icons
3 Archimedean Screw Pumps pdf-icons
4 Hydro Power Equipments pdf-icons
5 Water Hammer Control Valves pdf-icons
6 Air Cushion Valves pdf-icons
6 Energy Dissipating Valves pdf-icons
7 Gates And Stoplogs pdf-icons
8 Knife Gate Valves pdf-icons


Sr# Name Files
1 General Mailer: Equipment for water and wastewater industries pdf-icons
2 General Mailer: Water control gates pdf-icons
3 General Mailer: Screens and Screening Conveying Equipment pdf-icons
4 General Mailer: Valves for Bulk Solids & Liquid – Solid Mixes pdf-icons
5 General Mailer: Water Hammer Control Solutions pdf-icons
6 General Mailer: Hydro Power Screws pdf-icons
7 Detailed Catalogue: Cast Iron Water Control Gates pdf-icons
8 Detailed Catalogue: Stainless Steel & Aluminum Water Control Gates & Stoplogs pdf-icons
9 Detailed Catalogue: Non-Metallic Water Control Gates, Stoplogs & Flap Gates pdf-icons
10 Detailed Catalogue: Flap Gates pdf-icons
11 Detailed Catalogue: Screens and Screening Conveyor Equipment pdf-icons
12 Detailed Catalogue: Knife Gate Valve pdf-icons
13 Detailed Catalogue: Process Equipment pdf-icons


Sr# Name Files
1 Company Profile pdf-icons


Sr# Certifications Files
1 ISO-9001:2008 pdf-icons
2 CE Certificate for Water Control Gates pdf-icons
3 CE Certificate for Valves pdf-icons
4 Accelerated Wear Test at 25,000 operation cycle for Stainless Steel Sluice gate pdf-icons
5 NSF Certificate for SS Sluice Gates jpg-icons
6 CRN Certificate for Knife Gate Valve pdf-icons