Hydro Power Equipments


Project : IMC, Indore, India
Project : SSNL, Vadodara, India
Project: Kerala State Electricity Board Limited Poringalkuthu Micro Hydro electric Project, Kerala, India
  • APPLICATIONThis is a type of hydro turbine used for power generation by utilizing flow of water with available head/fall.
  • SERIESType SH, Type BS, Type CR & Type CS
  • RANGE OF WATER FLOW (‘Q’ in cumecs)Typically from 0.1 to 10 cumecs
  • RANGE OF HEAD (‘H’ in meters)Typically from 1m to 10m
  • FEASIBLE POWER GENERATION9.81 x Q x H x Ƞ(overall efficiency)
    • STPs/ WTPs Outfalls
    • Run of River sites
    • Falls at Canals
    • At water outlets of TPP locations

    • Ideal solution for Low Head application
    • Fast Installation
    • Less Civil Structure
    • Low maintenance
    • High Reliability
    • Eco friendly & Fish friendly

  • OUR SERVICEStep 1: Feasibility Consultancy
    Step 2: Supply complete E&M package
    Step 3: Installation & Commissioning
    Step 4: Maintenance & Service