Jash “Rotobrush” Screens


Jash 'Rotobrush' Screens

  • APPLICATION“Rotobrush” is a mechanically cleaned very fine screening equipment used to prevent fine sized floating wastes from traveling further in to waste water treatment plants based on MBR or similar technology so as to prevent damage to the membranes. These are also ideal for effluent treatment plants of food processing, textile, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, sugar, breweries etc.
  • WEDGE WIRE SIEVE SIZE0.5 mm to 1 mm (0.02” to 0.04”)
  • SIEVE PUNCHED HOLE SIZE2 mm (0.08”), other size on request
  • THROUGHPUT CAPACITYUp to 100 m3/hr with 2 mm (0.08”) round hole and 50 m3/hr with 0.5 mm (0.02”) wedge wire slot
  • MATERIAL OF CONSTRUCTIONStainless steel 304, 316, Other grade on request.